A man.  A philosophy.  A voice.  A voice that spoke to millions; a voice that inspired millions.  A voice so calm, so even, so informed, nobody could refuse it.

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the launch of the Voyager I probe.  As Carl Sagan said about the contents of the Golden Disk aboard the exploratory vessel, "... the launching of this 'bottle' into the cosmic 'ocean' says something very hopeful about life on this planet."  We hope that International Talk Like Carl Sagan Day can cast a "bottle" of scientific discovery into the "ocean" of our internet culture.

Carl Sagan was, and remains, a treasure to the human race, and an inspiration to future generations.  Celebrate his legacy by honoring International Talk Like Carl Sagan Day on September fifth.  Talk like Carl, talk about Carl, but, above all, talk.

We like to think that's how Carl would want it.  Share space with your friends this September fifth.

So how do you talk like Carl, anyway? It's easy! Anybody can talk like Carl Sagan with a little practice. Here are some tips from our voice experts.

1.)  Slow it down!  Carl was never in a rush to convince you -- he had the facts, and he knew there was time to put his point across.  One of the best things about Carl's voice was his mellow cadence.

2.) Mellow out!  If you're getting angry in your sound, then you aren't doing it like Sagan.  Carl always let the syllables drift out gently, caressing the listener with his gentle lilt.

3.) Don't fuss!  It's okay to be passionate about things, but Carl would never throw around cusswords and resort to ad hominem arguments.  Try to keep it in perspective while you talk about the universe.

4.) The cadence.  Carl definitely had a fun cadence to his voice.  Was it a result of growing up in a Jewish family, or was it a product of his Brooklyn upbringing?  Who knows?  Carl's lilt is just another brilliant element of his legacy -- have fun emulating it!